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"Super! I wish we could have an English Week again next year!"

- Miriam, 14 -

"The week was too short. English is so easy now."

- Larissa, 13 -

"There was nothing I didn't like!"

- Simon, 13 -

"I did a project week with Jon and Kelvyn in my secondary school which I really enjoyed. This time was even better."

- Sofia, 15 -

"This week was the best school week ever. See you at the Summer Camp."

- Lisa, 14 -

"This week was the best week ever. I hope to see you all again. THANK YOU!!!!"

- Bastian, 14 -

"All the games were great but we also did lots of work which was okay. I think my English is much better now."

- Sorhab, 15 -

"I feel much more confident in speaking now. It was great to be able to speak with native speakers."

- Natalie, 16 -

"Thank you for this nice week. I really liked the games, they were really funny. Please come again."

- Martin, 13 -

"THANK YOU. The week was really funny and I learned a lot. Music was my favourite workshop."

- Simone, 13 -

"After this week I understand English much better."

- Sebastian, 12 -

"The trainers are the best. Very funny!!!! Please come next week :-)"

- Lisa, 13 -

"Culture and Drama were great. I’m looking forward to the presentation. Thank you."

- Lukas, 13 -

"I enjoyed the week very much. The trainers were well prepared and friendly."

- Murtaza, 15 -

"My trainer was always happy and she made me laugh a lot. I also learned a lot!!"

- Clara, 14 -

"I really enjoyed learning about G.B and the U.S!! I will see you in the summer."

- Brandon, 13 -