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+ What qualifications do your trainers have?

All our trainers hold a minimum of a recognised TEFL teaching qualification.

+ How do your teachers get to us?

We come directly to you and organise for them to be accommodated close to your school if required.

+ Is there a structured syllabus?

All our courses are designed with the age and ability of the students taking part whether they have had only one year of English in the classroom to senior students studying for Matura.

+ Can you provide testimonials?

Yes. Please see the testimonials section on this website.

+ Can you support us with organising a course at our school?


+ How often do schools re-book your courses?

100% of schools that have had an English Project Week have booked with us again! We have reservations up to three years in advance.

+ How long have you been providing courses?

Over ten years.

+ What’s included in the price?

Everything! The student fees are completely inclusive and there are no hidden extras. We offer reductions for siblings.

+ What has made you so successful?

We have always refused to compromise on quality – enthusiastic trainers, the best materials and a professional attitude. All of this secures our reputation as a premium English project week provider and why we return to schools year after year.

+ Can our teachers observe your lessons?

Yes, of course.

+ What is your average class size?

The average class size is usually between 12 and 18 students; however this can vary depending on the number of participating students.

+ How do you expect students to behave?

We expect students to show respect to each other and to their teacher. Any unacceptable behaviour is brought to your attention.

+ Do you provide tailored courses?

Our materials are designed to be adaptable. We will always do our best to accommodate any specific requests you have and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

+ Do you provide day courses?

We can provide one, two, three or five day courses.

+ What do I need to do when booking a course?

Arranging a course is easy; simply make a request through the website.

Decide when you would like a Project Week.

Advertise the course to your students and their parents. We will be happy to supply you with an application form.

We will contact you before the Project Week begins to finalise arrangements and answer any remaining queries you may have.

+ What does the school need to provide?

- A separate classroom for each trainer/group, if possible with moveable desks and chairs

- A blackboard or whiteboard in each classroom, plus marker pens or chalk, as appropriate

- Access to a photocopier - we may have to make a few copies during the week

- A suitable space for the end of course presentation/show

- CD players for audio materials

- Computers with internet access for project research